Bird para

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise (極楽鳥, "Gokurakuchō") are vicious demons that are the archenemy of the wolf-demon tribe. They live on top of a huge mountain which is their nest. They are led by a Siamese bird that has a Shikon jewel shard. They appear as large pigeon-like birds with harpie-like bodies from the waist-up jutting from their bodies. Their leader has two upper bodies.

Kōga kidnaps Kagome for the main purpose of finding the Bird of Paradise that has a sacred jewel shard.

Inuyasha's Tessaiga destroys a large number of the Birds of Paradise, killing their leader with Wind Scar (after it steals its second jewel shard from Kōga), and it is revealed in a conversation between Ginta and Hakkaku that all the birds had been killed, suggesting there was only the one nest to begin with.


  • The name "Birds of paradise" is never used in the manga, instead they are called "Harpies".
  • During a flashback in the 4th Movie, it is revealed that every fifty years when Hōrai Island becomes visible, demons would wreak havoc the island, The Shitōshin being among them. A few Birds of Paradise can be seen among the hordes of demons.

Yōkai Wolf Tribes
East Ginta  •  Hakkaku  •  Kōga
North Ayame  •  Kai  •  Shinta  •  Rōyō  •  Wolf elder  •  Wolf demon graveyard protector
Unique Places Lair of the Demon Wolf Tribe  •  Wolf demon tribe graveyard
Unique Items Goraishi
Enemies Birds of Paradise  •  Naraku

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