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Lynx yōkai




  • Father


InuYasha Anime

Episode 72

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Junko Noda

English VA

Cathy Weseluck

Bunza (ブンザ) was a lynx demon who sought out Tōtōsai in hopes of receiving training in order to help save his village from a demon called Nanafushi.


Bunza stayed in a little shack outside of Tōtōsai's hut for days without eating, because he knew he couldn't return to his village without getting the proper training that he needed.[1]

He met Inuyasha at Tōtōsai's hut where he was seeking training as well; after he met Inuyasha, Bunza became impressed by the half-demon's skill. Bunza learned that his father tried to stop Nanafushi himself, but had been severely injured by the demon. Bunza rushed home to save his father on his own, but Inuyasha quickly went after him so that he could assist him, since they are "brothers".[1]

When they arrived at Bunza's village, they find his father inside of Nanafushi's barrier in really bad shape; Bunza tried to break through the barrier, but to no avail. Inuyasha was able to break the barrier with his Tessaiga, however, and he goes on to slay Nanafushi, thus saving Bunza's father and village in the process. Bunza becomes friends with Inuyasha after he saved his father's life.[1]

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