Castle of the Thunder Brothers



Location information


Raimei Valley, Japan


Thunder Brothers


Thunder Demon Tribe

Permanent residents

The Castle of the Thunder Brothers (雷獣兄弟の城) was the primary abode of the Thunder Brothers and the center of all Thunder Demon Tribe activity. It was situated in the midst of Raimei Valley. After the Thunder Brothers' defeat at the hands of Inuyasha, the castle fell into disrepair, although it was inhabited by the Thunder Brothers' sister, Sōten. The castle's most remarkable feature was the large gate, whose doors were quite massive. Ironically, the Thunder Brothers could fly and so it is unlikely the doors were used very often.

Thunder Demon Tribe
Yōkai Hiten  •  Manten  •  Sōten
Allies Kōryū
Locations Castle of the Thunder Brothers  •  Raimei Valley
Unique Items Raigekijin  •  Thunder Magic

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