New color scheme

See also: [[1]] To create a new color scheme one needs to copy this into a new page Template:ColorschemeName with contents

<!-- background color: -->XXXXXX <!-- font color: -->YYYYYY<noinclude>
[[Category:Color Schemes|{{PAGENAME}}]]

where XXXXXX is the hex-code of the background color, and YYYYYY is the hex-code of the font color.

Be sure to:

  • Name the page according to the following scheme: TheNameOfTheGroupWithoutSpacesColors
  • Modify only XXXXXX and YYYYYY in the copied content.

Note: After creating the page, maybe you will have to refresh it. Use the button present in the {{ColorSchemeViewer}} template.


To recall the colors of a colorscheme use the code

#{{#explode:{{colorscheme}}| |0}}

as color for the background and

#{{#explode:{{colorscheme}}| |1}}

as color for the text.