Volume 11 - Scroll

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Episode 29

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Kohaku is the 106th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Sango reveals to Kagome how she copes with her brother Kohaku's death.
  • Inuyasha and the group sees a young boy killing villagers and Sango is shocked to see that the boy is her brother.


Inuyasha and the group decide to spend some time at a hot spring. Inuyasha and Miroku discuss about the recent
events: Tessaiga's mysterious power which killed Naraku's demons who tried kill Miroku. Meanwhile, Kagome and Sango are enjoying their time in the spring, when Kagome notices a large scar on Sango's back. Sango reveals that her brother did it to her before he was killed by Naraku, which touches Kagome's heart. Sango hears something moving and hits it under the belief that Inuyasha or Miroku are peeking. It turns out to be a random monkey. When Inuyasha and Miroku come to see what happened, they see them naked which leaves them black and blue after a beating from both of the girls. The next day, Kagome discusses about her brother to Sango. When the group finds a village of dead bodies and hears that the murderer is a 11 year old boy wearing a demon exterminator's uniform, Sango is shocked and recognizes that boy is her brother Kohaku. She hops on Kirara to chase him and the three of them vanish through a portal in front of Inuyasha's group. Sango asks Kohaku to remove his mask to reveal himself and Naraku comes and tells Sango that he put a Shikon shard on Kohaku's neck.

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