The Half-Breed's Heart


Volume 12 - Scroll 6

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Chapter information


Han'yō no Omoi




Episode 31

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Half-Breed's Heart is the 114th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • The Villagers taunt Jinenji out of his home and they then burn it.
  • The real murderers come to eat the villagers.
  • Kagome points her arrow against the larva demon who tried to kill her before Jinenji saves her.
  • Inuyasha comes to save Kagome.


The angry villagers force Jinejni and his mother out of their house and try to burn it. The real murderers make an appearance and starts eating the people. Kagome wounds the demon with an arrow but the larva demon catches Kagome and tries to impale her with its tongue. Jienji saves her by putting his arm on demon's mouth. As Inuyasha comes to kill the demon, Jinenji's mother stops him because she wants Jineji to fight on his own.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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 Volume 12 - Trials and Traps 
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