Kikyō's Crisis


Volume 18 - Scroll 3

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Kikyō no Kiki








Episode 47

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Kikyō's Crisis is the 171th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Kagome leaves for the well. Shippō stops her and says she shouldn't go just because Inuyasha is jealous of Kōga. Kagome says she knows, and isn't planning on being gone for long; she says she's coming right back after she gets some medicines from her time.
  • Kikyō notices a black cloud hovering near the village where she is tending to wounded soldiers. A giant soul-collector sent by Naraku emerges from the cloud, planning on taking all of Kikyō's souls.
  • Naraku insists to himself that he has no more need for Kikyō now that he has most of the Shikon shards.
  • The group blames Inuyasha for Kagome leaving, and Inuyasha storms out, refusing to apologize. He sits by the well, wondering if Kagome is mad at him.
  • Kikyō runs out from the forest toward Inuyasha, the giant soul-collector behind her. Inuyasha realizes Naraku is trying to kill Kikyō, and swears he won't let him succeed.

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