The Ogre's head


Volume 23 - Scroll 10

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Oni no Kubijou








Episode 85

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Ogre's Head is the 228th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • An old exorcist woman is hunting a weasel demon and it is about to attack her. Inuyasha saves her.
  • The old exorcist tells Inuyasha and friends that the number of demons in the area has been increasing. When Miroku asks why, she says its because of the curse of "Ogre's Head Castle". They call it that because of the Ogre's head that was buried beneath the cellar, which they say haunts the place.
  • The group goes to investigate, much to Inuyasha's chagrin, who just wants to go hunt down Naraku. A man at the Ogre's Head Castle tells them that the lord of the castle has killed 10 of his servants who have approached him in his sleeping quarters. Most of the subjects believe their lord must be possessed by the ghost of the Ogre's head.
  • The princess of the castle begs them to help save her father.
  • The Ogre's Head appears to the group. Both Sango's Hiraikotsu and Inuyasha's Tessaiga have no effect on it. They wonder how they can possibly defeat it.

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 Volume 23 - Two Brothers, One Enemy 
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