The Venerable Monkey God


Volume 24 - Scroll 4

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Episode 88

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Venerable Monkey God is the 232nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • The group is walking through a village when some men stop them and point to Inuyasha, calling him a venerable Dog-God.
  • They say a group of Monkeys have been plundering their fields and they have nothing to eat. Old Japanese tales say that Monkeys fear dogs, so they have been praying for a Dog-god to help them. The group agrees to help rid them of the monkeys.
  • While walking through the forest, a giant one-eyed monkey appears and is about to attack Inuyasha. Inuyasha punches it, and it turns out to just be three baby monkeys who transformed, much like Shippō does sometimes. They give Inuyasha a holy stone, which grows into a boulder and gets stuck to his hand. Shippō points out (a few seconds too late) that giving an opponent a gift is a common trick in the world of smaller demons.
  • Kagome chases after the three monkey sprites to ask them why they're plundering the fields. They say that their venerable Monkey God has been kidnapped. They all had dreams about where he is; Somewhere that's dark, cramped, and smells like vegetables.
  • Kagome says they'll help them find the kidnapped Monkey god if they undo the spell on Inuyasha. They say they forget, which gets them a beating at Inuyasha's hands. Kagome heads off to help the sprites look for the monkey god anyway, leaving Inuyasha behind.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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