The Holy Object


Volume 24 - Scroll 5

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Chapter information


Go-shintai no Yukue








Episode 88

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Holy Object is the 233rd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • The Group, along with the three Monkey Sprites, continue looking for the venerable monkey god.
  • Kagome notices an ominous glow coming from the pickled vegetables the villagers are serving them.
  • It turns out the stone the villagers use for pickling is the holy object the monkey sprites have been seeking. The venerable monkey god is housed inside it. Inuyasha gets the spell scroll taken off.
  • The monkey god tells the group that while he was in the pickling jar, an evil presence the likes of which he had never felt before passed overhead. It vanished in the direction of the Ox-Tiger constellation, which is northeast.
  • Inuyasha and the others agree, the evil presence must have been Naraku. They head northeast with the only clue they have.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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