The Broken Body


Volume 3 - Scroll 6

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Kowareta Karada








Episode 11

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Broken Body is the 24th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  1. Noh Mask attempted to fuse Kagome's Shikon shard but its body was crushed by Umao and Shikako's sports car.
  2. Kagome will have another test after three days. Inuyasha comes and orders her to return to the feudal era, however it ends in a meaningless fight.
  3. In order to rebuild a strong body, Noh Mask starts killing humans which were having corrupted souls, in the modern era.


While Kagome accidentally fell asleep during her revision at her own room, the Noh Mask appeared itself outside

Noh Mask at Kagome's window

the window and attempted to fuse Kagome's Shikon Jewel Shards with itself. A couple, Umao and Shikako, who were riding a high-speed sports car jokingly say that they have a high chance of meeting a ghost the night. Suddenly, they see the Noh Mask who was too late to dodge their sport car, and is crushed. Although the Noh Mask was having serious injuries, it manages to stand up and silently leaves the place, leaving the frightened couple behind.

At the same time, Kagome is awakened by the sound of the crash, she also found that it was already 2 o'clock. Without wasting no time, she continues her revision. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is waiting in the feudal era for Kagome's return. He hopes that Kagome would return as soon as her test was over so that they can continue the journey of collecting Shikon shards.

After several days, Kagome and her friends are relieved that the exams are finally over. Before Kagome returns home, Hōjō appeared in front of her and gave her a green bamboo, showing his concern. Also, he invites Kagome to watch a movie that Saturday. Although Kagome tries to refuse, Eri and Yuka prompts her to and Kagome agrees.

After that, Kagome is called by her teacher. She has apparently failed in Mathematics and her teacher informs that she will have another makeup test on Saturday (in other words is after three days). Kagome returns home confused and upset. But before she could reach home, Inuyasha shows up and drags Kagome along with him to Kagome's home. While Inuyasha intended to take her back to the feudal era, Kagome tells the truth that she has to stay in modern era, and prepare for the Mathematics makeup test. However, Inuyasha does not truly understand Kagome's situation which causes her to becomee extremely angry. She kicks Inuyasha back to the feudal era through the Bone-Eater's Well.

That night, a group of punks are beating an old gentlemen at the park. When they tried to take his money from his wallet, the Noh Mask appears, along with its damaged body. In order to regain a perfect body and seize Kagome's Shikon shard, the Noh Mask starts devouring everyone who stayed in the park, except the old gentleman who acted as witness by using its creepy huge mouth.

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