The Lives of One's Companions


Volume 25 - Scroll 6

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Nakama no Inochi








Episode 106 and Episode 107

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Lives of One's Companions is the 244th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha continues to fight Renkotsu and Ginkotsu, and is able to defeat the latter, jumping over Renkotsu, ignoring him essentially, and rushing to his friends' aid. Renkotsu remarks he's insulted Inuyasha didn't take the time to kill him, but at least he was able to get Kagome's jewel shards. A group of Saimyōshō come and take Ginkotsu's body away.
  • Shippō says all three of them stopped breathing, leaving Inuyasha stunned and feeling guilty for not being able to protect his friends. Myōga says they have to move them away from the embers of the temple.
  • Kōga asks Jakotsu what he meant when he mentioned seeing Inuyasha's death, asking what will happen to the girl who is traveling with him. Jakotsu says she's probably long dead. Kōga runs away from the battle to go find Kagome.
  • Inuyasha tells Shippō not to cry, embracing Kagome, telling her he's so sorry that he couldn't protect her. Suddenly she opens her eyes. Myōga sucked out a lot of their blood, ridding them of most of the poison. Inuyasha is glad, and then turns around. Shippō asks him what the big deal is after he told him not to cry. Inuyasha turns around, tears in his eyes, saying "I am not crying! You're all fine, aren't you?!"

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