Volume 26 - Scroll 2

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Bankotsu is the 250th chapter of InuYasha manga.




  • All five remaining members of the Band of Seven are finally reunited with the first appearance of their leader, Bankotsu.
  • Bankotsu has Renkotsu write a letter that says " I will come calling to pay old debts, so wash your necks and wait." He has Kohaku deliver the letter to a castle; the Lord of the castle is the one responsible for having the Band of Seven executed decades ago. The castle is also holding Bankotsu's 'companion'.
  • Inuyasha and friends are warned by an old villager to leave at once, because the Lord of the castle is conscripting all of the villagers. When they ask why, the man says its because the castle received a letter saying the castle treasure would be taken. The treasure is a large halberd called Banryū.
  • The Band of Seven begins its assault on the castle, easily slaughtering the soldiers who are guarding it.
  • Bankotsu comes to see the Lord of the castle. The Lord says he doesn't care if Bankotsu is a ghost and asks if he will serve him. Bankotsu sighs, saying he obviously didn't read the letter, then cuts off the Lord's head.
  • Bankotsu reclaims his companion, Banryū, and uses it on the soldiers of the castle, thinking to himself that he feels even better now than he did when he was alive.
  • Inuyasha's group heads toward the scent of fire and human blood, knowing the Band of Seven must be up ahead.

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