The Scratch on Banryu


Volume 26 - Scroll 6

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Banryū no Kizu







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Scratch on Banryu is the 254th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha and friends fight a golem of Naraku. Kagome senses that this golem is somehow different from the other ones that he's used before. The golem tries to block their path, but Inuyasha easily defeats it with his Tessaiga.
  • Kōga runs after the Band of Seven (and is eventually stopped by the purifying barrier), and Inuyasha is about to chase after the wolf but Kagome stops him because she wants to talk about the golem.
  • She says the golem seems pure, clean, just like the aura of Mount Hakurei. Inuyasha gets the scent of it, and it smells like spring water and flowers.
  • The Band of Seven meets up with Kohaku and Kanna at the base of the mountain. Kanna shows them an image of Sesshōmaru with her mirror. Jakotsu confirms to his brothers that Sesshōmaru was the one who killed Mukotsu. Kohaku tells them to kill Sesshōmaru. This makes Bankotsu angry that Naraku would drag them all the way back to the base of the mountain just to tell them this simple order. Kanna says that if Bankotsu had continued battling, he would have died. She states that his Banryū cannot defeat Inuyasha's Tessaiga in its current form. Bankotsu thinks she's talking about the scar on Banryu, but then Kanna says   "You can make it stronger."
  • Bankotsu doesn't understand her meaning. Kanna looks over at Renkotsu, and then he understands. Bankotsu threatens Renkotsu, saying he knew he stole the jewel shards from Kagome all along. He tells Renkotsu no more second chances, and puts the two shikon jewel shards into his weapon, the scar disappearing as power floods into Banryū.
  • Bankotsu tells Suikotsu and Jakotsu to go kill Sesshōmaru. Kohaku then says he knows where Inuyasha is headed next.

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 Volume 26 - The Sacred Mountain 
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