Inside the Darkness


Volume 28 - Scroll 1

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Kurayami no Naka







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Inside the Darkness is the 269th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Miroku and Sango confront Hakushin's mummy, which is alive. Hakushin was reanimated by Naraku and is the one who erected the purifying barrier around the mountain. Miroku says Hakushin was a man who devoted his life to saving lost souls and helping the less-fortunate, and then asks the Living Buddha why he's assisting Naraku; Does he not know how evil Naraku is? Hakushin says he knows Naraku is a vile demon, but he doesn't care; he's simply pursuing his own interests.
  • Meanwhile, Jakotsu continues to toy with Inuyasha, who is in his mortal state because of the purifying barrier. Jakotsu is able to wound Inuyasha on the shoulder, his robe of the fire-rat no longer protecting him. Inuyasha thinks that when he lost his demonic power, the robe also lost its powers, much like Tessaiga does when he turns into a human.
  • Hakushin tells Miroku and Sango the story of his life, how he helped the poor and fed the hungry. Many years passed and he saved hundreds of lives, but sometime later there was a plague that spread across the land. He helped tend to the sick but eventually he became ill himself. The people wondered who would save their souls once Hakushin died, so the monk agreed to become a living Buddha and watch over them from the afterlife, burying himself alive, having only a small bamboo stick for air to breathe and a bell that he would constantly ring. When it stopped ringing it would signify that Hakushin had died. While underground, Hakushin had a catharsis, suddenly filled with regret and longing, terrified of the uncertainty in death. He had spent so much time helping others, his own life had not been fulfilled. His body was enshrined as a living Buddha, but his soul was left behind in the darkness. Then one day, Naraku came before Hakushin, telling him he should hate them all; the people who asked for his death because they were afraid. Naraku offered Hakushin the chance to live again if he came with him. Hakushin asks Miroku and Sango if they can blame him for his choices.
  • Miroku says he has no right to judge Hakushin, but it doesn't matter anyway; anyone who is protecting Naraku is his enemy. Miroku tries to break the barrier around the living Buddha's shrine, but it's useless.
  • Renkotsu is clandestinely watching the fight between Jakotsu and Inuyasha. Renkotsu wants Jakotsu's Shikon shard so he can defeat Bankotsu, but is disappointed in Inuyasha, as he hasn't even been able to wound Jakotsu. Inuyasha thinks to himself that he's losing too much blood and that his vision is getting blurry.

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