The Two Auras


Volume 28 - Scroll 6

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Futatsu no Kehai







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Two Auras is the 274th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Miroku and Sango are shocked to see Naraku inside the cave, and are suddenly attacked by Kagura. When they look down again, Naraku has disappeared. Miroku asks Kagura if Naraku is still rebuilding his body after it was destroyed when Inuyasha broke through Naraku's barrier. Kagura says she has no idea, because Naraku doesn't trust her that much. She suggests that they just go down and see the truth for themselves, she even says she'll help get there; She uses her dance of blades to destroy the walkway the pair is standing on, making Miroku and Sango fall down into the chasm where Naraku disappeared to.
  • Inuyasha continues his battle with Bankotsu. Their two weapons, Tessaiga and Banryū, are proving to be equal in strength, thus making it a stalemate. Inuyasha wishes Bankotsu were a demon so he could use his Backlash Wave, but he's a human. Leave it to Naraku to hire human ghosts as his personal bodyguards. Inuyasha tries to think of another strategy to defeat Bankotsu quickly.
  • Kagome, Kōga, Shippō and Kirara are heading toward Mount Hakurei now that the barrier has been dispelled. Kagome says she can sense Shikon shards from two different places within the mountain, one at the foot of the mountain and one at the core of the mountain. She says the one at the core is much bigger. Kōga says that aura is probably Naraku, so they head that direction. Kagome hopes that Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango are all safe.
  • Inuyasha sheathes his Tessaiga, surprising Bankotsu, who is still fighting with his halberd, calling Inuyasha insane for trying to fight with his fists. The half demon slashes at Bankotsu with his claws, able to get much closer without his hefty sword in the way. Inuyasha is able to carve out two Shikon shards that were embedded in Bankotsu's left arm, as well as disarm him of his Banryū.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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