The Wall of Flesh


Volume 28 - Scroll 9

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Wall of Flesh is the 277th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha and Kōga are engulfed by walls of flesh.
  • Kagome reuintes with Miroku and Sango only to discover Inuyasha is not with them.
  • Naraku appears and says that they are all trapped inside his body.


  • The cavern interior, which is now like a giant wall of flesh, absorbs Inuyasha, along with Bankotsu's corpse. Inuyasha senses that the flesh is taking him upwards somewhere.
  • Kōga, who was running inside the mountain with Kagome and Shippō, is

    Naraku appears with Inuyasha trapped in his bowels.

    also taken in by the wall of flesh. Kagome tries to save him, but the wolf is engulfed too quickly. She senses that his Shikon shards are moving through the mountain, headed straight toward the aura of Naraku's tainted jewel fragment. Acid starts to fall from the flesh, burning them, but Kirara grabs her and Shippō, taking them to safety.
  • Kagome and Shippō see the clumps of flesh that look like babies, and then reunite with Miroku and Sango. When she asks where Inuyasha is, they respond that they don't know, as she was hoping he caught up with the two of them . Then they all see an unconscious Inuyasha being lifted up, wrapped in tentacles of flesh.
  • A lone voice speaks out from the darkness, it's Naraku. He says "You cannot move, Inuyasha, for you are hopelessly entangled in my bowels."

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