Volume 28 - Scroll 10

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Resurrection is the 278th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Naraku takes the jewel shards that Inuyasha has, as well as the ones from Bankotsu's corpse and the ones inside of Banryū.
  • Naraku's new body forms.
  • Inuyasha breaks free and uses the windscar, but Naraku says Inuyasha will kill all of his friends with his own attack.


  • Its clear now that all of Mount Hakurei is a part of Naraku's body: They are all inside of him. Naraku says its too late, though; there is nothing they can do that could possibly defeat him. Inuyasha says it isn't over until he rips out Naraku's throat, and Sango throws her Hiraikotsu, which hits one of Naraku's intestines, making acid rain down, almost melting her and Miroku. Naraku forces everyone against the wall with his tentacles, making them unable to move.
  • Shippō asks Kagome if they're going to be eaten just like Kōga was. Naraku tells them not to flatter

    Naraku's New Body.

     themselves, a puny demonling, a filthy half-breed and a handful of humans would only serve to weaken his body. Naraku takes back the shards that Inuyasha is carrying, then brings out Bankotsu's body along with Banryū and takes those shards as well. He mocks the stupidity of humans, saying that once Bankotsu had all the sacred jewel shards he should have fled the mountain, but instead he came back to avenge his comrades, and ended up dying for it.
  • Finally, he says, the shards are back in his hands. As the fragments become one massive (but still incomplete) Shikon jewel, Naraku's new body forms.
  • Naraku says it's pitiable how Inuyasha has spent so much time looking for him, has found him at last and yet cannot lay a finger on him. Miroku says that Naraku's demonic aura has grown so powerful it can't be compared to its former self, but Inuyasha isn't worried, saying that what Miroku senses is Naraku is becoming more perverted and evil. Inuyasha suddenly breaks free of the tentacle that was holding him and uses his windscar on Naraku, hoping to finish the demon off.
  • Naraku tells Inuyasha that he will take his own friends' lives with the windscar.

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