Darkness in the Heart


Volume 29 - Scroll 6

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Kokoro no Yami







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Darkness in the Heart is the 284th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Akago tells Kagome he wants her eyes that can see shards of the sacred jewel. He then finds darkness in her heart and possesses her.
  • Inuyasha rushes back to Kagome after finding out that Kikyō isn't really alive and that it was all a trap.


  • Kagome is taken in by Kagura and Akago (the infant), who is Naraku's 7th incarnation that was born from the clumps of flesh in Mount Hakurei. When she asks what he wants from her, Akago responds that he wants Kagome's eyes; the eyes that can sense shards of the sacred jewel. Kagome calls out for Miroku and Sango to save her, but they're busy dealing with the castle soldiers.
  • Miroku and Sango protect the innocent travelers who were brought to the castle, but decide not to kill any of the soldiers because they're only following orders and don't deserve to die for it.
  • Akago touches Kagome, searching for darkness within her heart like sadness, anger, or fear, needing to find a weakness within her nature in order to control her, but he has trouble finding any, noting that her soul seems oddly purer than most humans. Kagome thinks to herself that its like he's rummaging around in her soul, and that she needs Inuyasha's help. Reading her mind, Akago tells her that Inuyasha won't come for her because he's off searching for Kikyō. Upon hearing these words, Kagome feels unwanted and unloved, which Akago then grabs onto as the darkness in her heart, gaining control over her.

    Naraku's Newest Incarnation, The Infant.

  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha is off looking for Kikyō, but can't find a trace of her. Shippō is off looking for Inuyasha, finds him and tells him that Kagome and the others are in trouble and need his help. Inuyasha realizes it was a trap and Kikyō isn't really alive. He rushes off to save Kagome, cursing himself for his foolishness.
  • As Miroku and Sango continue to battle the soldiers, Akago remarks that the human heart is feeble and pathetic. Even though the two humans refuse to kill the innocent soldiers, the soldiers themselves want to kill the slayer and the monk, and their need to destroy shall spread until all the mortals eagerly slaughter each other. Akago goes on to say the human heart is weak and that hatred is easily brewed within it.

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