The Colony of Ogre Women


Volume 29 - Scroll 10

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Oni-onna no Shūraku







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Colony of Ogre Women is the 288th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • The group hears rumors about a village of only women. Later, they meet Shinnosuke.
  • The group, along with Shinnosuke, are taken to the village of women.


  • Inuyasha and friends hear stories from travelers about a village of only women. One old man in particular says he saw a group of women throw something into the swamp and when he went to see what it was, it was the corpse of a man, completely skinned. Kagome doesn't sense any sacred jewel shards in the area, but the group decides to go and investigate anyway.
  • A wounded samurai is rescued by a girl and taken to her village, which is the same village of women the group have been hearing rumors about. They tell him that all of their husbands were sent off to war and didn't return, so they live together to support each-other. The samurai finds it odd that there are no elderly women or children around, though. Later that night, the samurai wakes up in a hut with a picture scroll of Kannon. He touches the scroll when water seems to drip from it, and his skin is suddenly torn from his body.
  • Miroku senses an evil aura, which leads him and the others to a swamp, probably the same one the old man mentioned where he saw the skinned corpse. They then see a man floating in the marsh, and meet Shinnosuke.
  • Shinnosuke explains that he is searching for his missing fiancée. Three days before his wedding day, he was drafted into battle. Two years passed, and a few days ago he was finally able to return to his village, but his wife-to-be, Wakana, wasn't there. Shinnosuke heard rumors about a village of women whose husbands had been killed in war, so he headed in that direction in the hope that Wakana would be there. Sango and Kagome agree it must be the same village they've been hearing about. They decide to head to the village, but a group of women come upon them and take them there.
  • The female leader of the village gathers all the women who are around the age Shinnosuke describes as his fiancée's, but none of the girls are Wakana. Inuyasha doesn't smell anything out of the ordinary in the village and asks Miroku if he senses any demonic aura, but the monk is busy womanizing. Sango gets jealous, for good reason. The men and the women of the group get put into separate huts, and Miroku gets despondent because now there's not any women around.
  • Wakana is revealed to be in the village of women, hiding in the hut with the scroll of Kannon. The scroll speaks to her and says if she wants to be re-united with her love, she must bring him to the scroll, "Where I meet all my men..."

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