Hall of the Bodhisattva


Volume 30 - Scroll 1

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Hall of the Bodhisattva is the 289th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Sango goes off by herself to follow the women, but she gets ambushed and is taken underwater. The leader of the demon women tells her she wants to turn Sango into one of them.
  • The hanging scroll attacks Miroku.




  • Sango is upset because they're supposed to be looking for the village of Ogre women, but instead they're sitting around while Miroku flirts with every woman around, igniting Sango's jealousy. Kagome asks Sango if anything happened between her and Miroku at Mount Hakurei. Sango remembers when she said that she wouldn't leave Miroku behind and would rather they die together, and then she starts to blush. When Kagome asks if she likes Miroku, Sango denies it, though clearly she loves him. Kagome says its obvious that Miroku treasures Sango, but then they see Miroku coming onto one of the village women and Sango drops the subject. Meanwhile, Shippō asks Inuyasha what they're going to do about Miroku's womanizing. Inuyasha says nothing. Shippō says "But what about Sango?" Inuyasha responds "What about her?", dense when it comes to women as usual.
  • Sango sees a group of the village women walking somewhere together and decides to follow them. Kagome says to wait for Miroku and Inuyasha, but Sango stubbornly refuses and go

    Sango held captive by the leader of the ogre women.

    es on ahead.
  • Inuyasha catches the scent of water creatures; the scent popped up around the same time the village women started to move. He and Kagome go to investigate the scent.
  • Wakana goes to see Shinnosuke, who is alone after Inuyasha and the other boys went out to investigate the women. Meanwhile, one of the women Miroku has been flirting with is taking him someplace where they can be alone. It turns out to be the hut where the scroll of Kannon is.
  • Sango follows the women to the swamp where she and her friends were earlier, but the women are nowhere to be found. She's suddenly pulled underwater by the women. Inuyasha arrives following Sango's scent, but she's gone.
  • Miroku is with the girl, and sees an evil aura coming out from her mouth. Suddenly the Bodhisattva comes out from the scroll and attacks Miroku, saying it wants his skin.
  • Sango wakes up in a marshy cave. The leader of the Ogre women says its time that Sango becomes one of them.

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