A Demon in the Belly


Volume 30 - Scroll 2

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Hara no Naka no Yōki







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

A Demon in the Belly is the 290th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Miroku battles with the hanging scroll, but it runs away.
  • The Salamander challenges Inuyasha to a battle so it can regain its original form.


  • The women who pulled Sango underwater in the swamp attack Inuyasha by surprise. Kagome sees some kind of energy coming out of their mouths.
  • The leader of the Ogre-women tells Sango to swallow the egg of some kind of creature so it can hatch in her stomach, and then the slayer will become just like them. Sango refuses, but she's tied up so she doesn't have much control over her fate.
  • Meanwhile, Miroku battles with the Bodhisattva. It says that it once lived in the nearby swamp, but was exorcised by a monk and its soul was sealed inside a scroll of Kannon, so it needs the skin of humans in order to regain its original body. Miroku is about to use a sacred sutra on it, but the girl he came with interferes. The Bodhisattva sees Wakana coming, and Miroku is surprised to hear that Shinnosuke's

    The giant salamander's first appearance.

    fiancée is actually in the village. He warns both her and Shinnosuke to stay away from the hut. Miroku is about to open his Kazaana and suck up the evil scroll, but the girl he came with gets in his way again, so he doesn't use it. He strikes the Bodhisattva with his shakujō instead, making it flee the temple with the scroll. When the girl he came with tries to attack him again, Miroku punches her in the stomach which makes her puke out a salamander; the salamander is what was controlling her.
  • Inuyasha fights with the women who are being manipulated by the salamander embryos in their belly. Suddenly, a giant salamander appears, bursting out of the hanging scroll which fell into the swamp. The giant salamander is the true form of the Bodhisattva (though it has tons of holes in its skin, because its transformation isn't complete.) The salamander says it wants Inuyasha's hide, the skin of a half-demon, which will complete its transformation.

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