Where is Sango?


Volume 30 - Scroll 3

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Sango no Yukue







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Where is Sango? is the 291st chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha battles and kills Salamander, but the women are still possessed. The baby salamanders in their stomachs have to be taken out.
  • Sango was forced to swallow a salamander egg.  While possessed by it, she attacks Miroku.


  • Salamander says it wants to take Inuyasha's skin, because the hide of a half-demon is worth that of about ten humans, which will complete its transformation. Inuyasha isn't too worried as he unsheathes his Tessaiga, but the possessed village women attack him again. He finds it annoying because he doesn't want to kill them, since they're being manipulated. Miroku arrives at the scene and tells them that the giant salamander was sealed inside the scroll of Kannon, as well as how to free the possessed women by making them puke out the baby salamanders in their belly.
  • Inuyasha asks Salamander why it came out of the scroll now and not sooner. Salamander says that there is an evil energy permeating the world: Naraku's massive demonic aura rubbed off on the demon and gave it new-found strength to abandon the hanging scroll.
  • Miroku is trying to free the women of their possession and asks for Sango's help, only to realize that she isn't there. Kagome is judgmental of Miroku and yells at him because he hadn't even noticed Sango was gone, and she also blames him for the slayer's disappearance, since Sango got upset due to Miroku's womanizing and that's why she went off alone.
  • Don'tWorryKirara-C291

    While possessed, Sango attacks Miroku.

    Inuyasha destroys the giant salamander with his windscar, but the women are still possessed. It seems they have to get rid of every single baby salamander in the bellies of the women.
  • Miroku rides Kirara to go search for Sango. Suddenly, he's attacked by her; Sango became possessed by a salamander after the village leader made her swallow an egg. The two of them fight, though Miroku barely does a thing, not wanting to harm her. He thinks to himself that this is much different from fighting the village women: Sango is a warrior and won't be so easily released from the salamander's control.

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