Split in Half


Volume 30 - Scroll 5

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Split in Half is the 293rd chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • A high priest splits Akago in half.
  • Kanna tells Kagura that Akago's being split in half was all meant to happen, and then she gives Kagura half of the infant.


  • Villagers tell Inuyasha and friends that the head monk of their temple was killed. The demons that the monk had sealed were set free when the monk died, and now they terrorize the village every night. Inuyasha slays the demons easily with his Tessaiga. Other villagers tell them similar stories of monks and priestesses in the area being slaughtered, and it's rumored that the one who killed them is a woman carrying an infant. The group believes it to be the work of Kagura and Akago (which it is).
  • Later, Kagura and Akago assault yet another temple. The head priest is able to erect a barrier shield, which makes Kagura believe he might be more promising than the other monks and holy men they've slain so far. The priest says he had heard rumors the demon was a woman with a baby, and then he thinks to himself that the baby is actually far more evil than the woman. The priest tries to put up a barrier using prayer beads, but Kagura uses her dance of the dragon which shatters the beads

    Akago is split in half.

    , striking the priest, leaving him on the edge of death. Kagura sets Akago on the priest's chest so he can look into his soul, but with his dying breath the priest uses a sacred Vajra on the infant, splitting him in half. Kagura picks up the two pieces of Akago, thinking this isn't good.
  • Inuyasha's group head toward the scent of blood and come upon the temple that Kagura just left. Two monks in training tell them what they saw: the woman with the baby who attacked their master, the head priest. They say at least their master was able to kill the baby.
  • Miroku talks about how Akago was born from Naraku's body; he was created from the clumps of flesh they saw at Mount Hakurei. The infant's creation was one of the main reasons why Naraku sealed himself up in the mountain in the first place, which means Akago is probably essential to Naraku somehow. Kagome thinks to herself that this was way too easy.
  • Kagura is flying on her plume and sees Kanna up ahead. She asks her older sister if she's come to lecture her in Naraku's place. Kanna shakes her head, picking up one half of the infant's severed body, saying that this was all meant to happen. Kanna tells Kagura to guard the other half of the baby.

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  • In the anime, the priest who was able to split Akago in half is called Shinsen. He is not given a name in the original Manga.
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