The Blazing Hoof


Volume 30 - Scroll 6

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Blazing Hoof is the 294th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • After the high priest was killed, a demon horse named Entei was set free.
  • The half of the infant that Kagura was given comes back to life and transforms into a child named Hakudōshi, who Entei has chosen as its new rider.


  • The two monks in training tell Inuyasha and friends that the infant said he wanted to look into their master's soul in order to find "the borderland between this world and the afterlife", (those were Akago's last words before being split in half.) Miroku thought the only reason Kagura and Akago were killing monks and priests was to free sealed demons, thus creating chaos, but now he realizes they must have other intentions. Kagome wonders what's in the borderland and why Naraku is looking for it.
  • After the head monk died, another seal was broken, this time one that had been placed on the fiery horse demon, Entei, who was sealed by the head monk many decades ago. As Entei escapes from the cave where he was sealed, Inuyasha uses his windscar in an attempt to stop it, but the demon horse is remarkably fast and is able to escape before the group even realizes it.
  • EnteiTheDemonHorse-C294

    Inuyasha fights Entei, the demon horse.

    Kagura is in a mountain cave looking after her half of the infant. She finds this task amusing, because it isn't even breathing. Suddenly the half of the infant's heart starts to beat again and it comes back to life; hair grows rapidly out of Akago's swaddle, and a hand stretches out from it. It's alive, but something is different...
  • Inuyasha's group chases after Entei. They come upon a village completely destroyed, covered in hoof prints; Entei's doing. They think they can catch up and slay the demon before it causes anymore harm. Meanwhile, Kagura flies on her plume, complaining about how the newly revived infant ordered her to "Bring me new clothes." She is surprised when she sees Entei following her back to the cave.
  • Inuyasha and friends follow Kagura's scent, which has become mixed up with Entei's. When Inuyasha sees the demon horse, he uses his windscar, only to find out the horse is protected by a barrier. As the smoke and haze from the attack fades away, they see a small form riding Entei. The rider says "This horse monster seems to have chosen me as his master... in gratitude for releasing him from the seal." The next panel reveals the rider of Entei to be a young child, Hakudōshi. Inuyasha wonders what a kid is doing riding the demon.

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