Between This World and The Next


Volume 30 - Scroll 9

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Ano Yo to kono Yo no Sakai








Episode 143

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Between This World and The Next is the 297th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kanta's father is dead and the group asks Sesshōmaru to use his Tenseiga and save him. At first he refuses, but the Tenseiga tells him to revive the demon, so he does.
  • After Kanta's Father describes the place which he went to after dying, Inuyasha and Kagome realize that the borderland between the worlds is the Tomb of Inuyasha's father.


  • Inuyasha and friends rush through the village to get to Kanta's father. They find Sesshōmaru standing over the headless body of the adult otter-demon. Shippō and Kanta put the head back on the body, but Kanta's Pa doesn't come back to life. Understandably, the young otter starts to cry because they were too late.
  • TenseigaOnKanta'sDad-C297

    Sesshōmaru uses the Tenseiga to revive Kanta's father.

    Kagome asks Sesshōmaru to use his Tenseiga to save Kanta's father, but he walks away, saying it has nothing to do with him. Shippō stands in front of Sesshōmaru and begs him to help Kanta. Shippō doesn't want his friend to lose his father just like he did. Inuyasha tells the fox not to get his hopes up, mocking his brother, saying that Sesshōmaru can't even use the Tenseiga because he doesn't have a kind heart, so the sword is only for decoration. Sesshōmaru ignores the remark and is about to walk away when the Tenseiga pulses, telling him to revive the demon.
  • Sesshōmaru uses the Tenseiga and slays the messengers from the underworld, reviving Kanta's father. The revived otter says that he found himself in a mountain land shrouded in white mist. He also says he saw lots of skeletons there. Sesshōmaru leaves, wondering what Tenseiga was trying to tell him. Maybe there is trouble brewing at the place the demon described? 
  • Kanta and his father head back to their home by the river, and Shippō tears up, happy for his friend that is reuinited with his Pa, remembering his own father.
  • Sango and Miroku wonder how they can get to this land of "bones and white mist". Inuyasha thinks he's been to this place once before. Kagome realizes Inuyasha is thinking the same thing she is. The borderland between the worlds... is the Grave-site of Inuyasha's Father.

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