Princess Abi


Volume 31 - Scroll 4

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Princess Abi is the 302nd chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha and friends have been coming across a lot of villages full of corpses, and all the corpses have been drained of blood. Inuyasha thinks that demons must have been wreaking havoc while they were in the realm of fire.
  • Don'tComeOut-C302

    Inuyasha's group and the demon birds.

    Meanwhile at the nest of the demon birds, Naraku talks with Princess Abi, the bird master. She asks him what's in it for her if she decides to help him. Naraku asks Princess Abi why she is collecting human blood, and she replies that it is because her mother, (who is resting in a cave on the nest) ate a poisonous demon and is ill. Human blood counteracts the effects of the poison. Naraku says he will help them collect blood even faster if they agree to assist him, and then he gives her a trident made of his bones, as well as a hive of Saimyōshō. Naraku disappears in a cloud of miasma. The bird master talks to her mother, and both of them think Naraku is untrustworthy, but Princess Abi's mother says they might as well use Naraku, and as soon as he does something suspicious, they'll feed him to the birds.
  • The group is resting in a nearby village. They talk with villagers about the rumors that other villages have been attacked and no one left alive. Miroku assures them that they'll slay the demons and protect the village, in return for lodging and women. Sango hits him over the head for that remark. Later that evening, Inuyasha smells the demons coming: Bird demons that reek of human blood.
  • The group tells the villagers to remain inside until all the demons have been killed. Inuyasha slays many of the birds with his windscar, but then the birds light themselves on fire and kamakazi into the buildings of the village, making them burn and force the people out of their homes to be devoured.
  • Inuyasha and the group protect the villagers. Miroku is about to use his Kazaana on the birds when the Saimyōshō appear. Everyone wonders what Naraku's wasps are doing with the birds. Then, Princess Abi makes her appearance. She asks Inuyasha why he's killing her birds. Inuyasha accuses her of making a pact with Naraku because of the Saimyōshō, but the bird master denies it and says it doesn't matter: Anyone who kills her birds must die. Inuyasha and Princess Abi start to battle.

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  • In the Anime, the sons of the poison demon which Princess Abi's mother ate come to the nest so they can avenge their fallen brethren. In order to prove his loyalty to Abi, Naraku kills the poison demons. These events do not occur in the original manga.
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