The Trident


Volume 31 - Scroll 5

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Trident is the 303rd chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha says he usually doesn't like to fight women, but he'll make an exception for Princess Abi. The bird master scoffs at Inuyasha and is insulted that she's become involved in petty quarrels between two half-demons, (Naraku and Inuyasha.) The two of them begin to battle, and the rest of the group tries to help the villagers escape, while Abi orders the birds to suck every drop of blood from the humans and not to let any of them get away. Inuyasha uses his windscar on Princess Abi, and she is surprised that the half-demon actually has some power. Suddenly, the trident that Naraku gave her moves on its own in front of her, erecting a barrier around her. Abi wonders to herself if Naraku gave her the trident in the hopes that she'd kill Inuyasha for him.
  • KannaGivesTheInfant-C303

    Kanna with the Infant.

    Princess Abi runs away, feeling used by Naraku. Inuyasha tries to pursue her, but she's too fast. The group discusses why the Saimyōshō were with Abi, and what happened with the trident that erected a barrier. They conclude that Naraku is probably manipulating Abi like he always does with people, but for what purpose? He wants to get to the borderland between this world and the next, so helping Abi gather the blood of humans must somehow help him achieve that goal. But how?
  • Jaken is babysitting Rin. Kagura appears, and Jaken is fiercely protective of Rin now, since Kagura kidnapped the orphan once before. The sorceress asks if Sesshōmaru is around, and Jaken says if he was, she'd be dead by now. Kagura flies away. She wanted to ask for Sesshōmaru's help again after she was manipulated by Hakudōshi. She knows that without an offering of some kind, he probably wouldn't want to help her, though. Kagura recaps to herself how Akago was split in half, and her half became Hakudōshi. Kanna was given the other half, so that probably means it's more important, since Naraku trusts her more than Kagura. She concludes that there must be something important about the half of the infant that Kanna is protecting.
  • At a castle town, the lady of the castle gives birth to a still born. All of her vassals weep since the young lord they had hoped for died before being born. Suddenly all the vassals cry out in pain, their souls drained from their bodies, leaving only the lady of the castle left alive. Kanna and Kohaku appear. Kanna says "Your baby is not dead. He is right here," handing Akago to the woman.

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