The Castle


Volume 32 - Scroll 3

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Castle is the 311th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • We see the castle town where Kanna and Kohaku substituted the lady's stillborn baby with Akago. The lady of the castle still can't get over the strange happenings that took place on the night that she birthed her child. She remembers two strangers, a young boy and a girl clad in white. Each day the memory gets fainter, though. The lady of the castle looks out her window and sees Kohaku carrying firewood. She asks the boy if they have met before, but the old man accompanying Kohaku says there's no way, as he is of a lower rank and doesn't consort with nobility. 
  • DemonBirdsAttack-C311

    The demon birds attack the castle.

    Kohaku remembers his orders from Naraku: "Stay behind in the castle with Kanna... And protect the infant." The young demon-slayer notices how peaceful and happy all the townsfolk are, and thinks to himself that he used to live with people like this once before, but he can't remember when.
  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha and friends come upon the very same castle town and decide to stay there for the night. Villagers say demons never attack the town because they're so close to the castle, which has many soldiers to protect them. Miroku tries to spend the night separately from the others so he can be a lech and be with other women, but Sango doesn't allow it.
  • Meanwhile, Kagura wonders where Hakudōshi's heart is, since no matter how many times he's killed, he never dies. The two incarnations see Princess Abi and the demon birds flying. Hakudōshi orders Kagura to follow the bird-master but not to attack or intervene, only observe her.
  • Princess Abi is headed toward the castle. Her mother had some of the demon birds follow Naraku's demons, who were combing the skies looking for the holy woman (who we now know is Kikyō). There was one castle the demons never even bothered to investigate, so it must have something to with Naraku. The Saimyōshō are following Abi, but she has her birds devour the insects. Kagura is surprised to learn that Abi has betrayed Naraku.
  • Kohaku talks with the old man about how he can't remember anything. The demons then start to attack the village, and Kohaku leaves the safety of the old man's hut after getting a suggestion from Naraku: "Protect the infant."
  • Inuyasha and friends come out of the inn to help protect the villagers of the castle. Kagome senses a single sacred jewel shard, so that means it must be Kohaku's.

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