Volume 32 - Scroll 4

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Orders is the 312th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Kohaku helps the soldiers of the castle protect the lady-lord by killing the demon birds. Kohaku wonders if the birds are attacking the castle specifically because the Infant was put here. Meanwhile, Inuyasha's group heads toward the castle itself. Kagome tells Sango that she senses Kohaku's shard. Inuyasha tells Sango to go look for Kohaku while the rest of them take out the demon birds. Inuyasha uses his windscar on the birds, and Princess Abi appears.
  • ProtectTheInfant-C312

    Naraku gives Kohaku an order.

    Princess Abi asks Inuyasha why he's protecting the castle since he's Naraku's enemy, which greatly confuses Inuyasha. Abi explains that the castle has something to do with Naraku, but her only resistance so far has been humans. Again, Inuyasha is confused because the group thought that Princess Abi and Naraku had joined forces; Abi denies it. The two of them start to battle, exchanging blows between the Tessaiga and Abi's trident. When the barrier of Naraku's trident protects her, she thinks to herself that at least something good came from her pact with Naraku. The trident also proves to have the ability to spew deadly miasma.
  • As the demon birds light themselves on fire, Kohaku continues to protect the nobles of the castle, and swears to the lady-lord he will protect the infant. He leads the people out of the burning castle and is thanked by the lady for his kindness. The castle guards who were outside fighting the birds reunite with the young demon slayer and the nobles, and they make a circle around the lady of the castle as a human shield. The guards tell Kohaku to stay and protect the lady. On the other side of the castle, we see Kanna walking alone through the burning village. She says "The castle has fallen..."
  • Suddenly, Kohaku gets a mind-controlled suggestion from Naraku: "Kohaku... Take back the infant. And kill everyone near him." Meanwhile, Sango is rushing toward Kohaku, worried about his fate.

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