Restored Memory


Volume 32 - Scroll 5

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Tsumi no Kioku







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Restored Memory is the 313th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • On Naraku's orders, Kohaku kills all the soldiers at the castle in order to take back The Infant
  • Kohaku regains his memories of what he did to his father and the other demon slayers.


  • As Sango rushes off to find Kohaku, she laments how he's still under Naraku's control. She knows that Kohaku's memory of what he did to her and the other demon slayers hasn't returned, but he's still her only brother. She hopes that he doesn't add to his crimes and put more blood on his conscience.
  • KohakuIDon'tWantTo-C313

    Kohaku sullenly kills the castle-folk under Naraku's orders.

    Kohaku is with the lady of the castle and the guards. The birds have almost been annihilated, and they tell Kohaku he'll be rewarded for his courageous acts. After hearing Naraku's suggestion, Kohaku then uses his scythe to cut off the heads of the guards. The nobles are frightened and ask what he's doing. He continues to hear Naraku's voice; "Kohaku, take back the infant. And kill everyone around him." Kohaku thinks to himself that he doesn't want to kill all these people, but nonetheless he continues to slay the guards. He notes that there is a revolting feeling in his gut, and tears start to fall down his face. As he cries, he slays every single guard and noble of the castle, leaving only the lady and the infant left alive. The woman asks him "....Why?", but Kohaku's response is to lift his weapon, about to kill her.
  • Sango arrives and shouts at Kohaku for him to stop. He stops, turns around, and sees her face, which is the only thing he can remember. Sango sees that the slain people on the ground weren't killed by the birds. She asks her brother what he's done.
  • The lady of the castle runs away from Kohaku while she has the chance, but she runs into Kanna, who steals her soul and takes back the infant. Kagura is watching this and is frustrated when she learns Hakudōshi's other half was in the castle all along. The Saimyōshō tell Kagura to go pick up Kohaku now that the infant is safe.
  • Sango asks Kohaku once again what he's done. "You did it again..." she says. "Again?" Kohaku thinks to himself. Suddenly, Kohaku remembers everything. How he killed his father and the other demon slayers, how he attacked and nearly killed his sister. He starts to cry again, seeing his sister in front of him, alive, but before he has a chance to say anything to her Kagura grabs him and flies away on her plume, making her escape with the boy. Kohaku looks back at Sango and quietly says "Sister..."

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Volume 32 - River of Blood
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