Diamond Spears


Volume 33 - Scroll 7

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Diamond Spears is the 325th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Naraku is surprised at how little Sesshōmaru cares, considering he just cut down his tentacles and released tons of miasma that could kill all the humans. Naraku calls him a true demon, saying he has a different soul than the others. Meanwhile Inuyasha is planning to use the windscar to try and disperse some of the miasma. Hōsenki asks him if protecting his friends is more important than strengthening his blade, and Inuyasha says of course it is. Hōsenki says that maybe a half demon wouldn't even be able to control his power, to which Inuyasha responds that if that's how he feels, he can keep it, no matter how great it is. Inuyasha says "All I know for sure is what I have to do right now!" and then swings the Tessaiga at the clouds of miasma.
  • KongosohaTessaiga-C325

    Inuyasha inherits Hōsenki's power, Kongōsōha.

    Naraku smirks and says that using the windscar will only buy them a few more minutes of life, but then panics as he becomes skewered with diamond spears, his barrier destroyed. Inuyasha stares at his sword, which has become coated with a diamond blade. Hōsenki says he needed to know for certain whether Inuyasha sought his power in order to protect his friends, or just out of personal greed. He says Inuyasha has a pure heart, so he passed the test. If he hadn't, the diamond slivers that cut him would have ended his life. The old demon tells the Inuyasha to accept his new power, Kongōsōha  (known as Adamant Barrage in the English dub of the anime.)
  • With his newly inherited power, Inuyasha swings the sword, this time not at the miasma, but at Naraku himself. Naraku gets pierced through with hundreds of diamond spears. With his body weak and in pieces, Naraku cusses under his breath at yet another unforeseen hindrance to his plan. Sesshōmaru tells Naraku that he's been too self-assured, and that his overconfidence will be his downfall. Sesshōmaru says it's time for the final blow, swinging his Tōkijin and carving Naraku up into even more rags of tattered flesh. Everyone wonders if it was enough: has Naraku finally been killed? Sesshōmaru notices that Naraku is starting to disappear and fade away.
  • Suddenly Kikyō's arrow pulses to Kagome, telling her to use it. Kagome sees the lone Shikon shard and fires at it, making Naraku drop the shard. Suddenly, a barrier reforms around Naraku and he disappears completely, vanishing from the borderland... But Kikyō/Kagome's arrow was still inside the barrier with him. Kagome wonders if the arrow is still chasing after Naraku.

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