Volume 35 - Scroll 3

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Corpses is the 341st chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Mōryōmaru is revealed to have wings and the ability of flight.
  • Inuyasha's Kongōsōha cuts off one of Mōryōmaru's arms, but the pieces of flesh try to absorb Kōga.
  • Kagome purifies the orbs of Haku with her sacred arrow.


  • MoryomaruFlies-C341

    Mōryōmaru flies.

    Both Kōga, along with Inuyasha & group, look up just as a tentacle comes flying to attack them. Mōryōmaru is revealed to have wings, and thus, the ability of flight. Hakudōshi says they shouldn't act so shocked: Mōryōmaru's body was formed from various demons, and of course some of them could fly. Inuyasha shrugs it off, saying that it isn't as though Mōryōmaru repelled the Kongōsōha, he just flew out of the way of the blast. Inuyasha uses his diamond spear attack once again. Mōryōmaru dodges the bulk of the attack, but one of his arms gets shredded off his body. Suddenly, orbs of Haku-energy flow from his body and start to pick up the pieces of torn flesh that have fallen to the ground. Though he cut off the arm, the Haku are still controlling the severed pieces.
  • Parts of Mōryōmaru's torn flesh start to attack people, mainly Kōga, because of his jewel shards. One of the pieces almost absorbs Kagome, but she's saved by Kōga. Inuyasha tries using the windscar on the pieces, but soon discovers it has no effect, as the haku just take over and bring the flesh back together again. Miroku decides that they need to eliminate as many of the torn pieces as possible, so he opens his Wind-Tunnel. However, Hakudōshi quickly calls upon the Saimyōshō, making Miroku's efforts in vain.
  • Kagome asks Kōga to set her down. Since killing the pieces in the usual way isn't working, Kagome thinks she can purify the power of the Haku with her sacred arrow. She fires on the severed limbs that the Haku were moving, and it works: and all the fallen pieces of flesh stop moving. Ginta and Hakkaku cheer in support and say that Kōga & Kagome make a perfect team. Inuyasha then beats the two lesser wolves over the head out of jealousy.
  • Kagome tries to run over to Inuyasha to support him, but he tells her stay away, as a piece of Mōryōmaru's flesh that she missed is attached to him and he fears it'll try to absorb her again. Inuyasha raises his Tessaiga, declaring "Say goodbye, thing! I'm about to slice you to bits!"

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