Stolen Objects


Volume 35 - Scroll 4

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Stolen Objects is the 342nd chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha again tells Hakudōshi and Mōryōmaru that they're about to die, but Hakudōshi mocks: "Don't you have to raise your sword to do that?" Inuyasha then realizes he's been almost entirely engulfed by Mōryōmaru's flesh. Inuyasha scoffs and says the rejected parts of an ugly demon can't hold him down. He then overpowers the flesh and uses Kongōsōha on Hakudōshi and Mōryōmaru.

    Hakudōshi shields Mōryōmaru from Inuyasha's diamond spears.

  • Just then, Hakudōshi gets a telepathic message from The Infant, and jumps in front of the diamond spears, shielding Mōryōmaru. This surprises everyone, because it would imply that Mōryōmaru is more important than Hakudōshi. In a moment of distraction, the flesh that clung to Inuyasha springs free and heads for Kōga to try and take his shards. Other tentacles from Mōryōmaru's flesh attack the group. One of them knocks Miroku over and takes the Crystals of demonic energy that they were given by Gakusanjin. Now the group has no method to locate the nulling stone. Hakudōshi and Mōryōmaru then make their escape.
  • Back at a mountain cave, Kanna watches over The Infant. Hakudōshi (who is still in pieces after taking a direct hit from Inuyasha's Kongōsōha), and Mōryōmaru arrive at the cave. Hakudōshi gives the infant the crystals of demonic energy and says: "Here you go, just as you desired." Hakudōshi wonders aloud why they're so important, and Kanna explains that the crystals are the key to finding the nulling stone.
  • Kōga and the wolves decide to part ways to look for Naraku once again, but not before the leader flirts with Kagome some more. As usual, Inuyasha gets defensive and after the wolf has left, he tells Kagome not to let him flirt with her. Seemingly not bothered by his comments, Kagome just says "Thank you", and when he asks what for, she says for saving her life. Miroku, Sango and Shippō start to wonder if something is wrong, because Kagome & Inuyasha aren't fighting. Sango then says: "Let sleeping lions lie." Miroku and Sango then discuss how Hakudōshi shielded Mōryōmaru, which must mean that Mōryōmaru is too important to be destroyed. But why?
  • Back at the cave, Hakudōshi leaves Mōryōmaru in Kanna's care. The eldest of Naraku's incarnations then says to Mōryōmaru: "You... are empty. I will give you a soul..."
  • Sesshōmaru is on a cliffside, and smells Kagura coming. She lands just as predicted, and Jaken asks her why she's come to bother lord Sesshōmaru this time. Kagura tells them not to be rude if they want to know the location of Naraku's heart.

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