A Little Imp


Volume 4 - Scroll 7

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Chiisana Akuryō








Episode 12

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

A Little Imp is the 35th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome sees a ghost of little girl who torments and haunts people.
  • Kagome and her brother Sota visted Sota's friend in hospital


When Hōjō visits Kagome's grandfather, he lies to Hojo about Kagome's illness, and Kagome hears it. Despite getting embarrassed, Kagome keeps the secret from her friends. While walking with her friends, she sees a little girl who put a fire-crank which scared the children at the playground. Kagome tries to stop the little girl who asks Kagome if she

Kagome sees Mayu in the Satoru's bed

sees her; she turns out to be a ghost, who vanishes into thin air. Back in the Feudal Era when Tessaiga gets stuck on tree by bee demons, Inuyasha sees spirits of children dancing to the flute of Soul Piper. In Modern era, Kagome is asked by her mother to take Sōta to visit his friend. The friend, Satoru was in a coma for six months in hospital. There Kagome sees ghost of little girl, hiding beneath Satoru's bed.

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