Kagura's Heart

Kagura's Heart 371

Volume 38 - Scroll 3

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Kagura no shinzō







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Kagura's Heart is the 371st chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Moryomaru'sCave&Sango-C371

    Sango finds Mōryōmaru.

    Naraku tells Kagura that Hakudōshi has died. He also tells her that the child planned to usurp him, which Naraku finds laughable. Kagura thinks to herself that Naraku has some nerve, because he orchestrated Hakudōshi's death and has the gall to act surprised about it. Kagura starts to sweat, because it means that Naraku must have seen through the whole charade from the beginning, which means he's probably come to her so he can kill her next. Naraku then says "Kagura, would you like your freedom?" This offer naturally surprises the sorceress.
  • Sesshōmaru detects Naraku's scent and flies off to find the source of it. This worries Jaken, because the crystals of demonic energy indicate that Naraku's heart is in a different direction.
  • I'llReturnItToYou-C371

    Naraku tells Kagura he will return her heart to her.

    Sango is still her chasing after Kohaku, who is silently hiding behind some boulders, thinking to himself that she needs to let things go and leave, because he plans to kill Naraku by himself. Sango comes upon a mountain cave, and stops in front of it, feeling something ominous exuding from inside. Suddenly, a tentacle attacks her and grabs onto Kirara's leg. The tentacle is revealed to be Mōryōmaru's. He smiles and asks "Exterminator... you're by yourself?" Sango then starts to panic as Mōryōmaru tries to absorb Kirara into his body. The Nekomata strengthens the flames around her paws, severing the hold of the tentacles. Sango then throws her Hiraikotsu in a counter-offense, but it has no effect on the demon, and it gets stuck in a mountain crevice on its return. She realizes that she must retrieve her boomerang-weapon before escaping. Kohaku, who has been watching until now, decides to help his sister when he sees Mōryōmaru's tentacles attack Sango once again.
  • Inuyasha and group chase after Sango now that their business with Kagura is concluded and Hakudōshi is dead. Kagome says that she senses two sacred jewel shards; Kohaku's and Mōryōmaru's. This concerns Inuyasha since the latter is after the former's shard. Back at the mountain, Mōryōmaru grabs Kirara by the leg once again and tosses her (and Sango) to the ground. Kohaku leaps out to help his sister, but is blocked by Mōryōmaru. The young slayer raises his Scythe, intent on protecting her.
  • Kagura curiously asks Naraku what he means. He explains "Don't you wish to be free of me? Isn't that why you searched for my heart? So you could kill me?" Nervously, Kagura says that if that's the case, why set her free? Naraku then holds out his hand, and Kagura's heart appears in his palm. He tells her he's going to return it to her.

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  • This chapter shows that Kirara has control over the flames she wears when in her transformed state.
Volume 38 - A Heart in the Hand
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