Wind 374

Volume 38 - Scroll 6

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Episode 2 (FA)

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Wind is the 374th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Sesshōmaru comes to see Kagura in her final moments, and she becomes glad at the fact that he came to her, smiling that she was able to see him one last time. She then fades away into the wind, succumbing to the miasma. 
  • Inuyasha and group come upon Sesshōmaru just after Kagura has died, and Inuyasha asks his brother if she suffered. Sesshōmaru remarks that she was smiling.


  • SheWasSmiling-C374

    Kagura smiles as she dies with Sesshōmaru by her side.

    Inuyasha and group follow the scent of Kagura's blood. Kohaku blames himself, because if Kagura hadn't protected him she might not be harmed right now. Sango thinks to herself that her assumption was right; Kagura must have saved Kohaku from Hakudōshi. Kagome thinks to herself that she should have been more forceful and made Kagura stay with them, and not left her alone where Naraku could get to her. Finally, Inuyasha thinks to himself: "Damn it. Kagura... don't you dare die!"
  • Kagura is alone in a flowery meadow. She thinks to herself: "My heart... it's beating... Where should I go? I can go anywhere... I'm free!" Kagura then cringes in pain, her kimono covered in blood. She laments to herself that she can't move anymore due to the miasma. "It's so quiet... There's no one else here. Is this where it's going to end... all alone?" She stares at the ground and sadly thinks to herself that this is the freedom she sought.
  • Kagura'sDeath-C374

    Kagura's death.

    Then, Sesshōmaru appears in front of the sorceress. He says he was tracking the scent of Naraku's miasma. Kagura chuckles and asks the Daiyōkai if he's disappointed that he didn't find Naraku at the end of the trail. He pauses and says "I knew it was you." This makes the woman smile. Sesshōmaru prepares to draw his Tenseiga, but then stops and thinks to himself that it won't be able to save her. "Is this it, then?", he asks. Kagura says it's time, but that it's okay, because she was able to see him one last time. Kagura then fades away into dust, evaporating into the air, leaving nothing but a feather floating in the wind.
  • Inuyasha and group reach the meadow and get to see Kagura's final moments. Kagome starts to cry as she feels the wind blowing. Sesshōmaru is about to walk away, but Inuyasha stops him and asks his brother if Kagura suffered. Sesshōmaru responds "She was smiling." The last three panels of the chapter show Kagura's lone feather blowing aimlessly across the countryside, with the text written above "I am the wind... free to fly wherever I wish..."

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