To Rest


Volume 4 - Scroll 10

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Episode 12

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

To Rest is the 38th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  1. Kagome and Inuyasha try to save Mayu from being sent to hell. Kagome is dragged to Mayu's death place while she tries to contact the latter.
  2. Kagome asks Mayu to reconcile with her mother. Although hesitant at first, Mayu agrees to do so after Kagome's persuasion.
  3. Mayu's soul is relieved after she makes up with her mother. Satoru also gets well.


Mayu Ikeda Inuyasha chapter 38

Mayu (left) reconciles with her mother (right) before she leaves.

Kagome and Inuyasha rush to save Mayu before she is sent to hell. They see that the Ikeda's residence has an aura. Soul Piper chains Mayu and takes her to the time when she died and also drags Kagome along with it. Although Inuyasha tries to save her, Kagome disappears. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mrs. Ikeda looks back upon the incident that happened earlier. She realizes that the illusion wasn't an illusion after all, but Mayu. The nurse calls Mrs. Ikeda, who rushes to Satoru; he has woken up from his coma. Satoru tells Mrs. Ikeda to save Mayu, who had been hiding in the closet.

In the next scene, Mayu is shown surrounded by fire. She realizes she is dead and no one tried to save her from it. Kagome calls to Mayu and asks her to go home with her. Mayu hesitates saying she is dead and she does not have a "home" to go. Just then, Soul Piper appears and starts dragging Mayu to hell. Kagome gets a hold of Mayu's hand and tells her to make up with her mother before leaving. Mayu asks if her mother would be angry with her to which Kagome replies by saying that her mother really loved her. She also asks Mayu if she does not want to see her mother once more. Mayu replies "yes", and her chains disappear. Mayu tells she wants her mother to find her so that she could make up with her. At the Ikeda residence, Mrs. Ikeda is looking for Mayu, after Satoru told her the latter was hiding in the closet. Mayu appears and apologizes to her mother and tells her that she is leaving. Kagome feels it was the right thing for Mayu to do. Inuyasha is surprised that Kagome could calm the ghost down, but reminds her of the consequences if things did not go the way Kagome had planned.

Later, Sota tells Kagome that Satoru will be leaving hospital in a week and that his mother has sent Kagome regards. Mayu appears before Kagome, dressed in a yukata. When Kagome inquires where she got that from, she replies her mother sewed it for her. She bids Kagome farewell and goes with the Soul Piper. Kagome realizes that Mayu loved her mother very much.

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