The Guardian of the Treasure

The Guardian of the Treasure 381

Volume 39 - Scroll 3

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Takara no Mamoriyaku








Episode 2 (FA)

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Guardian of the Treasure is the 381st chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kōga battles with the Wolf demon graveyard protector over the Goraishi.
  • Just as Kōga is about to claim the Goraishi, Ginta & Hakkaku are attacked by the guardian, and Kōga faces a difficult decision whether to take the treasure while he still can or save his friends first.


  • KogaVSGuardian-C381

    Kōga versus the treasure Guardian.

    Kōga dashes toward the treasure guardian, jumping through the flames its three heads are spewing. Ginta & Hakkaku, as per usual, hide behind some boulders and let Kōga handle the beast. With one kick, the wolf pulverizes the stone cerberus into thousands of bits, and remarks that it was a pretty lame guardian considering how easy it was to defeat. The ground underneath the wolf suddenly starts to rumble and his comrades warn him to move away from the pieces quickly. Then, the guardian re-congeals into one form, casually observing: "So child, you have Shikon shards in your legs!" Kōga scoffs and says it doesn't matter, but the guardian says that the shards are controlled by the will of another who is not of this world. He says that similarly, the Goraishi are a weapon that is not of this world; it is a weapon powered by the will of ancient wolf demons. Since Kōga's shards are controlled by another, the guardian says Kōga doesn't have what it takes to wield the Goraishi. Kōga ignores this warning though, saying: "That remains to be seen!!"
  • Kōga breaks the guardian apart again, and the enemy says that his futile attacks will accomplish nothing because he'll just reform again. The wolf then picks up the largest piece of the broken monster and tosses it against the rocks, but the monster is unaffected, spewing flames at the wolf once again. However, Kōga is so fast that he's already quite a ways ahead of the reforming monster. He heads toward the Goraishi shrine, now that the guardian is out of his way. Meanwhile, Ginta & Hakkaku have come under attack by the guardian, and the monster gets ready to billow a large flame-attack at the two wolves.
  • Kōga is directly in front of the Goraishi. Ginta & Hakkaku are about to be burned by the monster and they shout to Kōga to grab the weapon. Wondering what he should do, Kōga looks back and forth between the Goraishi and his comrades.

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