Inside the Aura


Volume 5 - Scroll

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Kekkai no Naka




Episode 13

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Inside the Aura is the 42nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Myōga sucks out poison from Inuyasha's blood.
  • Inuyasha asked Kagome about seeing her in tears.


When venom begins to spread through his veins, Myōga saves him by sucking the blood out. Kagome
e]] is overjoyed to see Inuyasha is still awake. He ask her why she was crying for him when the spider demon nearly crushed him to death. Shippō escapes by disguising as a mouse. He reveals to Kagome that he hid the Shikon shards in the storage room. Inuyasha asks Kagome if he could lay down on her lap and he comments that her scent is pretty; Nazuna sees them which embarrasses them. Nazuna cannot believe that monk is behind this. Inuyasha wakes up at the right time and saves Nazuna.

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 Volume 5 - Flesh and Bone 
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