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Kōga's Decision

Koga's Decision 438

Volume 44 - Scroll

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Chapter information


Kōga no Ketsui



Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Kōga's Decision is 438th chapter of InuYasha manga


  • The Infant cursed Naraku as he abosed him for power.
  • Kai's shikon shard was freed on his body and Kōga told Kai about his brother's safety


Inuyasha begins to break Goryomaru's armored shell with the dragon-scaled Tessaiga. In desperation, Goryomaru attempts to steal the Jewel shards from Koga's legs. Kai distracts Goryomaru by acting as a decoy. Inuyasha succeeds in breaking the shell, destroys the barrier that is protecting the infant and exposes the infant to danger. However, the Jewel shard in Kai's leg is forced out, allowing the Goryomaru and the infant to take it and flee. Angered that Naraku is threatening his life by using Inuyasha and his friends, the infant decides to take revenge on Naruku.

The next day, Koga apologizes to Kai and Shinta for putting them in danger, and orders Ginta and Hakkaku to look after them until they locate the other wolf tribes. Koga also tells them to separate themselves from him so he would not endanger them, despite Ginta and Hakkaku's concern for his safety. Inuyasha and Kagome assures that Koga will be safe because he will not fight alone. Ginta and Hakkaku promises to return to Koga and departs with the wolf children.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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