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Pig of the Nine Cautions

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Boar Yōkai



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  • Cho Hakkai (Ancestor)

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InuYasha Anime

Episode 129

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Ritsuo Sawa

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Peter New

Chokyūkai (, ちょきゅかい, "Pig of the Nine Cautions") was a demon originally from the continent (China), before immigrating to Nihon (Japan). He was descendant of Cho Hakkai (Zhu Wuneng (lit. "Pig Awakened to (Will)Power")/Zhu Bajie (lit. "Pig of the Eight Precepts"). He decides that, like his ancestor, he is 'inspired' to take only young and beautiful Ningen (Human) brides.


Having already enslaved a descendant of Son Goku (Sun Wukong; 孫悟空, lit. "Monkey Awakened to Vacuity") and Sha Gojyo (Sa Gojō/Sha Wujing, lit. "Sand Awakened to Purity"), with tiara-like golden bands, Chokyūkai ambition was to amass a harem for himself to tender to his every whim, using the same kind of tiara-like golden bands he'd used to enslave Son Goku JR and Sha Gojyo JR. (like the one used on Son Goku SR. to control him with the "Headach Sutra" (similar to Inuyasha's Beads of Subjugation) to control them (and the same ones used on them).

At some point, Chokyūkai, Son Goku's descendant, and Sha Gojyo's descendant were captured and sealed away, until events resulted in their release, at which point Chokyūkai immediately began to assemble for himself anew. Having already abducted a number of young women from a local village, the village appeals to InuYasha and Co. to vanquish the Yōkai abducting their daughters before the rest (who were now in hiding) were taken, too.

InuYasha was originally reluctant to help, but after Chokyūkai turns his attentions to Kagome Higurashi for his newest bride (after learning that she was familiar with his ancestor), however, InuYasha became dead-set on vanquishing the Chinese Boar Yōkai. Luckily, Miroku has a Chinese Exorcism Sutra in his possession, having noticed that their regular methods weren't as effective. After Shippō lures Chokyūkai out of his manor, InuYasha has a chance free Kagome from the tiara-like golden band and pass her back her bow and arrows and the Chinese Exorcism Sutra to use to banish Chokyūkai.[1]

He returns later when Hakudōshi is collecting demon heads, fearing that since he is a strong demon he might be next. He tracks down Hakudōshi and Kagura, watching as Hakudōshi attempts to peer into the demon heads to catch a glimpse of the Border of the Afterlife. Son Goku and Sha Gojyos' descendants silently accuse him of being cowardly when he hides in the grass, but Chokyūkai retorts that he's just not heartless enough to fight a kid like Hakudōshi.

His conversation is interrupted when Entei approaches him from behind, unbeknownst to Chokyūkai. The other two descendants flee at the sight of the demon horse, and Entei knocks Chokyūkai backwards. Enraged that a mere horse would attack him, the boar attacks, but Entei merely kicks him into the distance, leaving the other two descendants to chase after him.[2]


Chokyūkai had taken much after his ancestor (lazy, cowardly, gluttonous and lustful).

Physical descriptionEdit

Chokyūkai has the appearance of an anthropomorphic boar. He has brown fur, two red marks on his face and two small horns beside his nose. He wears a necklace which appears to be made out of small human skull shapes.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

Chokyukai manga2

Demon Boar in manga, identical at Chokyūkai.

  • Chokyūkai was an anime-exclusive character, so his encounter in Season 6 with Hakudōshi and Entei did not transpire in the manga. However, in the manga, Hakudōshi acquires his naginata after Entei tramples a boar demon identical to Chokyūkai (after that this boar killed a human).[3] In the anime, Hakudōshi obtained it after killing Rengokuki and it was colored slightly different.


  • He is very similar to Miroku in his pursuit of women, asking them to bear his child.
  • The name "Chokyūkai" is almost same as his grandfather's name called "Cho Hakkai" ("豬八戒" in Chinese), who originates from a Chinese classic story named "Journey to the West". Apparently, only changes his name from "eight" to "nine" comparing to his ancestor's.
  • He's also similar to the Dragon Ball character Oolong. Oolong also took young girls to be his brides and Oolong was also based on Zhu Bajie (Zhu Wuneng) as well.

Media appearancesEdit

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