Crimson Demon Fan

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Crimson Evil Demon Fan

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Crimson Demon Fan

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Fire on the Mystic Island

The Crimson Demon Fan (紅邪鬼扇, くじゃくせん, "Kujakusen") was a fan used by Kyōra of the Four War Gods. The fan originally belonged to Kujaku, a demon in the service of Tōga. However, she was killed, along with her partner, Seiten, by Kyōra, who took her weapon and Seiten's Thunder Cannon as his victory spoils. Although it is unclear how Kujaku might have used the fan, Kyōra used it to emit his natural fire and yōki. It was destroyed along with Kyōra by Sesshōmaru.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Crimson Fan: Kyōra sends out a cyclone of flame to engulf his opponents. While it is launched horizontally, it can sometimes reposition itself and spin vertically, like an actual cyclone. Kyōra typically uses this against only powerful foes, such as Sesshōmaru. Since a foe like Sesshōmaru is very powerful, the effectiveness of this attack is difficult to discern, as very few attacks phase a demon as powerful as he.[1]
  • Birds of Fire (灼熱鳥, Shakunetsu-chō, "Burning birds"): Kyōra literally generates a flock of birds which are made of fire. They behave just like real, living birds, flapping their wings and able to make noise, despite being made of fire. This is all a result of Kyōra's magic. They even have visible beaks and eyes. If not attacking, their flames are blue but change to red and orange when on the offensive. When Kyōra unleashes these creatures, they pan out and attack whatever opponents are before them, landing on top of their victims and setting them on fire. The birds are fairly unstable however, as Sesshōmaru has demonstrated that they can be dispersed with a single sword strike. Nevertheless, they are Kyōra's most volatile attack, since the birds behave like living creatures and are therefore unpredictable. Kyōra often uses them in ambushes or sneak attacks when his opponent is distracted. He is also able to use them to apply the Mark of the Four War Gods.[1]


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