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  • Roku (Twin brother)





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Fire on the Mystic Island

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Yū Kobayashi

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Gabe Khouth

Dai (橙, ダイ, "Orange") was a hanyō from Hōrai Island, and was Roku's twin brother.


As young children, Roku and Dai survived the Four War Gods attack on the island and received the Mark of the Shitōshin to prevent them from escaping. They were destined to be used as fodder for the War Gods' own purposes until Inuyasha's group saved them and the other half-demon children. At the end of the film, he sets out with the other remaining half-demon children to live in the outside world.


Both Dai and his twin often annoy Inuyasha, as well as the others at times, by telling him he will be unable to defeat the Four War Gods. They are both very immature and have smart mouths, making witty and unnecessary comments at times.

Physical description

Roku and Dai are both nearly identical in looks. They are both tanned and have sharp, defined features. They have orange eyes and pointed ears (showing they are both half-demon). The way to tell him apart from Roku, is that Dai's hair is mostly orange, and his outfit is a darker shade of blue.


Dai wears a dark blue tunic with rope tied around the waist. He is barefoot all the time, like the other half-demon children.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: As Ryūra attacked, Dai has a piece of wood in the thickness of a human arm broken on his body, although he is still a child. Roku is probably similarly strong, because he is his twin brother.
  • Immense Durability: In the fourth film, large parts of Hōrai island was by Gōra and the true form of Shitōshin be destroyed. However, although several flashes and explosions in the vicinity of the children, these are hardly injured. Also of Ryūra to be thrown through the air and bouncing hard, has barely protested added Dai and the other half-demons.
  • Longevity: Dai has grown over fifty years, optically not older. And it is implied that he has been on Hōrai Island for centuries.


  • Dai's full name is actually Daidai ().[citation needed]
  • It is implied that he is the younger of the twin brothers. When Asagi is on the way to the Cauldron of Resonance, Roku says that he is next to the turn, and after him Dai.


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