A daiyōkai (大妖怪, "Great demon") is a very powerful type of demon that is much stronger and smarter than the common yōkai. Most daiyōkai have long lifespans, possibly even longer than those of normal yōkai. They tend to remain calm in battle even if the situation is dire or their life is threatened. Daiyōkai vary in shape and size, just like normal yōkai. Some have, or are able to transform into, human-like forms, such as the Inu no Taishō and Sesshōmaru. Others, like Ryūkotsusei, are very large in size and don't at all resemble humans. Though it is not clear whether this applies to all Daiyōkai, it seems that some became feudal rulers over vast territories, commanding lesser demons. They sometimes wage war against other yōkai and humans alike.

Yōkai Daiyōkai  •  Kappa  •  Kitsune  •  Nekomata  •  Ōmukade  •  Bakeitachi  •  Bakeneko  •  Crow yōkai  •  Bird yōkai  •  Flea yōkai  •  Inu yōkai  •  Wolf yōkai  •  Spider yōkai  •  Mantis yōkai  •  Moth yōkai  •  Turtle yōkai  •  Rat yōkai  •  Tiger yōkai  •  Tree yōkai  •  Saimyōshō  •  Oni  •  Parasite  •  Steel Wasps
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