Dragons (, りゅう, "Ryū") are a group of powerful spiritual entities. They are sometimes viewed as beings similar to yōkai, but they are often portrayed as gods, depending on their power. They are typically serpentine creatures with four legs and three or four toes. However, some dragons also are less snake-like in body shape, and take on a wider body and possess wings, such as Kōryū. They have a wide range of abilities, usually elemental in nature, as they have been known to control the weather. Dragons are acknowledged, especially by experienced veterans such as the yōkai taijiya Sango, to be much more powerful than a typical demon. The Inu Daiyōkai Sesshōmaru once used a dragon's claw to great effect against his hanyō brother, Inuyasha. Noticeably, the dragon's arm, while not completely unaffected by the Tessaiga's anti-demon barrier, was at least highly resistant to it.

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