Dried-food demons

Dried-food demons (干物妖怪, "Himono-yōkai") are dried food items that are derived from the demons. Although they taste good, however, once they are put into boiled water, new demons will be created that may harm anyone who gets near to them.


  • Shironyūdō (白入道, "White Priest")
  • Kurotengudake (黒天狗茸, "Black Tengu Mushroom")
  • Yumenamazu (夢鯰, "Dreaming Catfish")
  • Warai Azami (笑え薊, "Laughing Thistle")
  • Amadaruma (甘達磨, "Sweet Daruma")
  • Kamitsukisuika (噛み付き西瓜, "Edible Watermelon")
  • Esedaigoku (似非大黒菇, "Fake Big Black Mushroom")

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