The Band of Seven, Resurrected!


InuYasha Season 4 - Episode 21

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Yomigaetta Shichinintai






Shinjitsu no Uta




Original Airdate

March 3, 2003


The Band of Seven, Resurrected! is the one hundred third episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. As Inuyasha and his group continue their journey, they come upon a group of villagers who tell them of a deadly group of mercenaries known as the Shichinintai, who were put to death ten years prior; they fear the mercenaries might have been resurrected because their tombstone has been broken in two.
  2. A man named Jakotsu encounters a group of soldiers that are searching for the supposed resurrected Shichinintai members to destroy them; Jakotsu reveals that he is in fact the one they seek and proceeds to slay each one of them with his lethal sword.
  3. Inuyasha follows the smell of graveyard soil, and finds Jakotsu surrounded by corpses; Jakotsu is ecstatic to meet him, as he is who Jakotsu was searching for, and he remarks at how cute Inuyasha is, much to Inuyasha's confusion.
  4. Sango encounters a still amnesiac Kohaku, and tells the others that she thinks Jakotsu got his Shikon no Tama shard from Naraku; Inuyasha continues his battle with Jakotsu, as a mysterious man watches from the side.


Jakotsu learns that Kyōkotsu was killed by Kōga. After Kohaku revealed this to him, Jakotsu then asked him if Inuyasha was handsome, Kohaku replied that he would need to figure that out for himself. Meanwhile Inuyasha and his companions see the soldiers traveling to Mount Hakurei. They hear the villagers were terrified when the gravestone of The Band of Seven was broken, and Miroku decided to stop and ask what happened to The Band of Seven years ago. The villagers explain that 10 years ago seven mercenaries came from an eastern province. They then began sadistically killing numerous innocent people, women and children included. After they defeated the warlords they became too powerful. The Band of Seven is finally caught and beheaded by the soldiers near Mount Hakurei.

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