Shippo's New Technique, The Heart Scar!


InuYasha Season 5 - Episode 20

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Episode information


Hoero Shippō Ōgi Kokoro no Kizu


吠えろ七宝奥義 心の傷!


One Day, One Dream




Original Airdate

October 27, 2003


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Shippo's New Technique, the Heart Scar! (吠えろ七宝奥義 心の傷!) is the one hundred thirtieth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Shippō encounters a group of young fox demons who think he is the leader of Inuyasha's group; while trying to prove his demonic prowess, Shippō upsets his most recent love interest, Mizuki.


Inuyasha destroys a demon threatening both Shippo and a group of fox demons, who recognize Shippo, having heard a legend about him being the leader of Inuyasha's team and a hero of the fox demons. Shippo is currently in love with a girl named Mizuki.

Inuyasha and the gang hear of a demon terrorizing a village, while the fox demons appear before Shippo, who pretends he is the leader of Inuyasha's team and is powerful. When they ask him to demonstrate a powerful technique, he asks Inuyasha to teach him Wind Scar, which is unsuccessful (Shippo can't even wield Tetsusaiga in its true form). Later, Shippo encounters the lizard demon terrorizing the village.

The fox demons think Shippo plans to trick Mizuki, and he eventually agrees to do so to prove himself to the fox demons, due to his inability to defeat the lizard demon. He transforms into a balloon form while the fox demons throw acorns at Mizuki, and Shippo accidentally knocks Mizuki into a shallow river. When Mizuki realizes Shippo was responsible for attacking her, she expresses her hate for him and runs off, leaving him shaken. Soon after, the lizard demon returns. Furious at him for causing him to lose Mizuki's love, Shippo learns a new biting technique called Heart Scar. Using this technique, Shippo and the fox demons defeat the lizard demon, who survives and runs off, only to be turned into an ordinary lizard by Miroku with a sutra.

When Inuyasha teases Shippo for getting Mizuki angry at him, Shippo uses Heart Scar on him.


Many think it strange that Shippo, was able to hold Tessaiga, even though he is a full demon. Though this can be explained because Tessaiga's barrier only works on demons that have Malice and hatred towards Humans, Shippo has no hatred towards humans, which is why he can hold Tessaiga.