The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi


InuYasha Season 6 - Episode 8

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Episode information


Kishōarai Toritsukai Abi-Hime


気性荒い鳥使い 阿毘姫


One Day, One Dream




301, 302, 303


Original Airdate

March 15, 2004


(no credits available)

The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi is the one hundred forty-sixth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Naraku meets a bird yōkai named Princess Abi, and offers his assistance in her quest to drain human blood for her mother; he gives her a staff capable of erecting a barrier and a hive of Saimyōshō.
  2. Abi uses fearsome bird demons to suck the blood of humans, and when Inuyasha and his friends hear of this, they move to stop them.
  3. Inuyasha and his group manage to save a village from the bird demons, when Abi appears, and demands to know why they attacked her birds; when Abi realizes that Naraku is seemingly using her to fight with Inuyasha, she angrily retreats.

Summary Edit

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippō and Myōga discuss the last Shikon no Tama shard over a campfire. They arrive at a village filled with bodies drained of blood.

A group of bandits are burning a village when they are attacked by a flock of bird-like looking yōkai. Naraku approaches Princess Abi as she oversees her yōkai servants drinking the blood of the bandits. Naraku offers her a weapon made of his bone, but during their conversation they are interrupted by a group of yōkai. Naraku destroys all the demons, leaves some Saimyōshō with Abi, and departs.

Inuyasha and companions arrive at a village that fears it is to be the next victim of the yōkai attacking local villages. As the sun sets, the flock of demon birds arrive. As the battle ensues, Princess Abi arrives surrounded by Saimyōshō - effectively preventing Miroku from using his Kazaana in battle. Inuyasha joins battle with Princess Abi, but she quickly retreats - after discovering the barrier created by the weapon Naraku gave her.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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